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What you get if you do exactly what I tell you to do:

  • Quickly add another $10K-$30K in monthly profits from your EXISTING expertise (especially in a new market or international environment)
  • Avoid the #1 mistake you are probably making to approach high-profit prospects and decision-makers (hint: know the possible moves of the different players) 
  • Close more high-paid work FAST, and boost your high-fee client demand more consistently
  • Start being a sought-after AND well-paid Trusted Advisor and Strategic Partner for what you are excellent at (and stop peddling your services, undercharging, chasing prospects)
  • Create a much better, simpler business model, to match your expertise, your family, your life
  • My FREE sales script to add $10K-$30K/month - with simple, repeatable phrases that work on non-experts and non-native English.
  • Perfect if you just want me to tell you what to do.