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5 False Beliefs That Hinder Growth



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Sales

In my work with eight-figure B2B companies, I have had the opportunity to look for commonalities between successful companies and those that are struggling. Today I’m sharing the top five false beliefs held by these clients that are actually hindering their growth, and how some of our Expert Profit Engine (EPE) truths come up against these myths.

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False Belief #1. Social media is like Jerry Springer (and that it is beneath you).

Selling is just not like how it used to be at the higher levels. Accessing people cold, spearheading new business – it’s just not how it used to be. 

Digital approaches are fantastic for making these initial contacts as either a direct or indirect way to find your in. You can either choose to hold firmly to how things were done in the past, or you can use this opportunity and embrace that the only thing that is certain in the B2B world is change.

In a world that is heavily focused on AI, it is not unlikely for your competitors to be using bots, or to have websites that are totally customized for each user. This practice can be controversial in the political world, and in the B2B world, especially in the executive search industry and the med tech industry, just to name two.

It is important to use the confidence that you have to, ironically, lose a bit of control in this area. You want to be showing leadership to your targets about how to best use social media and digital marketing, as this will build trust with them as you show them how you want to interact.

Remember, digital is a starting point for contact. This week, write down a piece of news that you find surprising. Choose something that you don’t agree with and begin to invite discussion. If you find it surprising, your targets will, too! Once you’ve written down your idea, spend some time thinking about this topic, and test it with people over lunch of coffee this week. Know that the people you are sharing this with will mirror your targets.

False Belief #2: You can develop high ROI and a sustainable marketing machine without dedicating proper blocks of time and energy

There is a belief that marketing only needs a small portion of your day. That just throwing up a blog or shooting of an email or random, ad hoc newsletter is enough to generate new business. The EPE truth here is that those who are involved in client contacts in your organization need to be involved and active here as well.

You must have people who have this activity in their job expectations, and not just doing these activities when they get around to it. If marketing isn’t getting the appropriate attention and effort needed, it is very challenging to build the type of momentum needed, which creates a lot of risk for you. When you have context switching, it is very difficult to build capability and results. 

Interruption is the destructor of imagination.  Marketing should be fun! Know that you don’t have to tackle all of these pieces in-house, but rather you can outsource inexpensive labour to do a lot of the execution pieces of your marketing strategy.

False Belief #3:  You have to write a white paper for each post.

EPE truth here is that we use our own EPE methods to create visibility using what you already have in-house. Know that you can get dozens of pieces of great content from one little film, a little testimonial, a little video, and that will last you for a long, long time. 

Know that a post should really take you no longer than 15 minutes to produce. If it’s taking you more than that, that is not an effective use of your time and you will end up being extremely discouraged. If that is what your reality is looking like, consider getting help with this piece.

In terms of content ideas, spend the next five minutes marinating in your own amazingness. Reflect on what you think is surprising, interesting, and cool, and look for ways to share those insights with your followers.

False Belief #4. You don’t have the needed resources in-house.

EPE truth: in our experience, 100% of clients are not using all of their available resources. 

For example, they’ll assign the entire marketing person to someone who is great at copy. While they excel at writing, they might not like spreadsheets, tracking, and numbers. This means they don’t like to create structured content or processes and don’t track progress properly, making data-based decisions almost impossible.

Others, for example, can be amazing at structures, monitoring, and getting digital tools set up because they are concrete tasks.

Finding the right roles that play to your people’s strengths is your key to success!

False Belief #5. You can expect 100% of attention from your organization.

It just ain’t gonna happen. 

EPE truth:  We have seen that marketing and sales boosts and overhauls start with one or two champions in house, and you need to take baby steps from there.

Mary Rose Hoja here. I am an inbound marketing specialist and love digital stuff. My team and I help eight figure B2B businesses build cost effective pipelines, and if you’re curious, send me a private message and we will see how we can help.



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses