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5 Keys to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Presence



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, LinkedIn, Networking strategy

An established digital marketing presence is essential, and today we’re talking about five keys to help you on the road to success on LinkedIn.

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  1. Be Social

Take the time to create genuine connections and your followers will notice! Ensure you are liking and responding to all comments on your content, engage with other people’s posts by commenting on and liking them, and consistently share links that would be of interest to your target market. 

Creating connection points on LinkedIn with your employees also helps to humanize your business page. Encourage your employees to share brand content, and also to take part by sharing their own posts and links.

2. Consistency is Key

Showing up reliably with valuable content shows that your brand is reliable and trustworthy. A flurry of posting followed by times of silence from your brand makes potential clients less confident in your business as a whole, so establishing a regular posting schedule is very important. 

3. Remember the 3 Es

When preparing content to share on your LinkedIn page, be mindful of exactly who your target market is, and look for pieces of content that will educate, engage, or entertain them. The main goal here is to help your audience along their journey, and varying the type of content you’re producing will help hold interest in your brand.

4. Use Visuals

Did you know that content with visuals gets 94% more views than content without? Make your posts more interesting by incorporating images, charts, infographics – and of course – video. Video content is a wonderful way to create a human connection with your brand, and it’s a form of content that followers love to consume. 

Be unique and authentic with the videos you create. Content could be based on: interviews, customer testimonials, addressing FAQs, and more. Even short 1-2 minute videos create a connection point with your followers, and they don’t need to be perfectly polished masterpieces. 

Always remember to add subtitles to your videos, as the majority of people scrolling through LinkedIn have their sound off by default.

5. Strategically Use Hashtags

Incorporating a regular rotation of hashtags is good practice, so take the time to create a list that is appropriate for your business. You can use ones that are industry-specific, location-specific, or that are connected to the content you are sharing. Using 2-3 hashtags per post is standard.

My name is Mary-Rose Hoja. As an inbound marketing specialist, my team and I help eight figure B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines.



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses