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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Sales

If you are one of the many businesses who are not immune to the pandemic, if you have clients who have had to pause their retainers – especially if you are a face to face service provider, or you sell face to face – this is for you.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not have a retainer model set up –  especially a digital retainer or digital subscription model. 

In my TED talk, I gave an example of a fantastic project I worked on together with a global pharma client that set up exclusive networking and roundtable situations for specialist nurses, providing lifelines in an otherwise isolated work environment for these nurses. 

They could compare notes, optimise treatments, and the concrete result of this was standardisation of healthcare for patients across an entire world region: the Nordics. That is concrete ROI FOR THE PATIENT. Now is the time you wish you had that, because you can deliver a lot of value digitally and without physical meetings. And I would wager that right now, you have untapped pivots waiting in your toolbox.

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Ways to Cut Costs

If you haven’t already, check your bank statements and see where you can shave off some expenses – like those 14 day free trials that have ticked over into paid subscriptions, which you just don’t use.

I checked Zoom for one of our clients – and found we could save them $50 a month by removing some team members who no longer required certain access levels.  G-Suite also could save another $50 a month by consolidating email accounts. 

These are just a couple of examples of where we could tighten things up for our clients and know they weren’t throwing away money in this climate. 

When it comes to deciding which expenses to cut and which to keep, your ‘non-negotiable’ list should be those things necessary to generate revenue in your business and help you serve your clients better.

A non-negotiable for me is investing in strategic advice and training.  I learned long ago the value of having support for me personally as I managed visibility campaigns and helped clients close better deals.  

It is absolutely essential to have the support of someone more experienced to provide guidance to improve the performance of your marketing and sales activities, to reassure you that you have set everything up correctly, and give advice on what to do next if things aren’t working.

I know that the investment I make in advising will pay me back time and time again as it helps me serve my clients better, improve the results they get, and increase retention rates.

The Expert Profit Engine visibility method is an extremely cost-effective way for you to be visible and fill your order book now. We are seeing a spike in leads for many small businesses because so many of their prospects are captive.  

The way it works is that you meet me weekly, you meet our specialists, you have daily support, you get access to our Expert Profit Engine online trainings and resources to help you sharpen your skills to optimise every step of the customer journey.

Even if you don’t have the internal people resources,  we can take that load off you. I am a great believer in ecosystems, and now is the time to position yourself and your business with the help of others who can do things you can’t. Don’t do this when you are released with all the other caged tigers. 

With the times that we are currently in, it’s more important than ever to get that support and external resources to get through this and position yourself strongly. Now, in 3 months, and into autumn.

Mary-Rose Hoja here and my team and I help 8-figure B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines.