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#1 source of your best, biggest business:

Re-distribute your time and your choices



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE


In the context of approaching high-paying clients, this has been a week of “Terrific insights, Mary-Rose. What’s the next step?”

Your next step depends on where you left off. I’ll say right now there is no “Do this!” Law. Case-by-case basis.

Not knowing what to do and being reluctant to make contact is very natural. Procrastinating is very natural. It is ok to be terrified. You must find a way to do it anyway. You need to make contact, so what if I show you a different way that is less daunting, far more enjoyable, and massively more effective?

First, let’s look at who you are trying to access. A day in the life of many of your high-paying clients:

Home > closed work environment > home

This makes it very difficult for you to meet them.

Now look at this from a different angle: who you know that may already know and influence them, i.e. mutual contacts?

I call these people “Influencers”.

Influencers are fantastic tools that you already have.

An influencer is anyone who can influence your success. They are a source of leads, a source of referrals, a source of introductions. It can be a present client, past client, it’s really anyone who knows you, and knows your work, knows the fantastic value you bring, someone who you have already created amazing value for, or ensured that they got amazing results.

Influencers are your best, biggest business source

Influencer activity is the #1 place I see people fall down in their marketing and sales. Yet, that is where most of your best business comes from, which is why it’s so important that you really nurture this part of your activity and your marketing and your high-profit sales.

Many people spend most of their time chasing prospects – and that means that they are not making sure that they are really filling their pipeline with people who have already bought from them and achieved amazing results or have bought into them. i.e. their influencers.

So, look at your influencers.

Be strategic about this. These are influencers I advise you to look for and develop relationships with:

  • people who “stretch” themselves (it doesn’t have to be chasing money, but say friends who do something different with their time, develop themselves, who seek to solve problems and make things better)
  • people who have large networks (pro tip: develop a wide network with deep pockets of niche expertise or in a specific area)
  • previous clients who you keep giving value to, support, help, serve
  • current clients who you tirelessly seek to improve your service to them and help them get amazing results
  • mentors who have already achieved what you want to achieve. People who have already made multiple 6-figures, 7-figures and above, who invest, who help other companies grow, who enable sustainability, who leverage and scale.
  • people who are further on the same road you are towards a lifestyle that you would like. (How many people do you know that could cough up $2k, $5k, $10k and more at a moment’s notice?)
  • and here is a GOLDEN indirect influencer who you may surprise you: receptionists, support staff, cleaning staff, landscaping staff, maintenance staff. Huge pitches have been lost because they discounted the quiet person in the room. People overlook and discount these wonderful sources of business intelligence and influence. In my experience, these people are the eyes and ears of what is really going on in an organisation. They tend to stay a long time, through changes, rollouts, acquisitions, exec shifts. They know who has a grudge. People love to talk. Use that fact.

All these people will pull you along, pull you forward. You need that business energy, that “doing something” energy, where there is a drive towards reserves, buffers, legacy.

PRO TIP: Surround yourself with influencers. Nurture them, help them. Focus on giving to them.

What you do here is build a community where everyone rises, and you also create “debts of value” that you can call on, while buffering yourself from the discomfort of direct prospecting. This ensures you have very strategic and effective inroads to the executive-level clients you hesitate to contact directly. You are not seen as a “user”, only contacting when you want something. YOU will be seen as someone to thank, because you are helpful and useful. This is a very comfortable state of affairs.

Think of this like a bank account: you have to put in 7 acts of “giving” for one withdrawal of 1 ask.

Rule of thumb: 7 gives for 1 big ask


I firmly believe that you are the average of the 5 people you are around. For me to move myself forward, faster or in a different direction, I must change who I spend my time with. The first people I look at are my influencers and I change my networking here if needed.

If you want change, something must change. If you don’t achieve this, nothing will change.

The most powerful influencers are people who are running just a little faster than you are in the direction you want to go. Your change needs that energy.

(Important: I am not saying break ties with your childhood friend who does not stretch themselves in the way you do. I am saying that you need to re-distribute your time and your choices.)

A little, telling exercise for you:

Who are the top 5 people you spend time with?



I would love your thoughts on this,

P.S. Coming up soon, I will give you a magical script to use in email, LinkedIn and text messages to contact your influencers to get excellent leads and approaches. I will show you the exact sequence and the psychology behind each step. Talk soon 🙂





Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses