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How to Be More Confident in Meetings



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Sales

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking a lot about buying signals. When you see these buying signals, it’s so important to have the confidence to act on them. How do you present your position in a persuasive way that will get you what you want? 

A lot of this comes down to preparation.

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Don’t go into battle without a strategy. Be prepared to walk away. If you think about holding one magnet to another, you’ll see that one magnet pushes away. But if you pull away, then it will start to come towards you. The same principle applies in the sales process – you don’t want to be chasing your prospects. 

An effective way to prepare well is to write down your points beforehand. We have a great rule called “The 5P Rule” – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. 

To help your confidence during meetings, another great tactic is to use an iPad and hold it tilted towards you during your meeting. Your prospects can’t see your notes, and it looks very neat and tidy from the front while allowing you to scroll through your notes without having wads of paper everywhere. It shows that you are structured and calm, even if you don’t feel like it inside. 

Use case studies to support your points. Your stories are awesome, and they bind people to you. Watch the conversation dynamics, study buying signals, and then go out and put this to work in your world.

Ensure that you are equipped for follow-up questions. This is a key piece of preparation that you’ll be very, very happy that you’ve done. You can predict a lot of questions you’re going to get, and you will feel much stronger if you can readily pull those out. 

Another key piece on confidence is about how your voice is feeling. Women, especially, can go up in pitch when they are nervous. There’s some really great techniques that we used back in my voiceover days to get rid of that worry energy from your voice before you went into the studio. One is that you go for a jog or walk around the block.

Tony Robbins, the mindset coach, jumps on a little trampoline before he goes on stage because it really pumps him up and gets rid of worry energy in his voice. Learn from people who are already making this work for them!

These tips can really work to shift your mind from fear into confidence and bulk yourself up. It really makes a big difference.

Confidence in meetings comes from having absolute internal conviction that you can help your prospects, and a step before that is to actually have curiosity about what is going on in their world. 

You can then shift your fear to curiosity. That mindset shift from fear to curiosity is very, very powerful for your posture and your attitude.  

How do you manifest curiosity? The magic question that we use all the time is, “What else is going on? And what else? And what else?”

Never convince people to buy. You need to be challenging them to face the reality of where they are, and illuminating for them the consequences of not doing anything different.

Another excellent idea I read recently in a book called “The Big Leap” is that fear is excitement without the breath. So when you’re feeling fear and lacking in confidence, take big, easy breaths. Shift that fear to curiosity. 

Think back to the character Chris Rich in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness”. When he was making phone calls, he was just doing actions so he didn’t overthink. He literally had his phone on him all the time, and the minute he ended a phone call he would keep his finger on the buttons and start to dial the next number. He didn’t allow himself time to be fearful. Since he prepared his list of numbers, he didn’t have time to think or have no confidence. He simply took action. 

You also need to be starting in a place of joy for yourself. We use a matrix called OK Corral, which we got from an awesome parenting coach. It means that you need to make sure you’re in a great place – the OK Corral – before you even get on the phone or go into a meeting. If you’re not there, it’s better to postpone the meeting, as you will have an aura that isn’t optimal for your sale.

Finally, don’t compare yourself to others before, during, or after a meeting. Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”, and it’s such an important point to help you have confidence.

My name is Mary-Rose Hoja and my team and I help eight figure, B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines. Do let me know what confidence struggles you are having, I genuinely want to hear about it. You will feel better because you have taken some action.



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses