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3 Myths That Clients Believe That are Hindering Their Ability to Sell



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Sales

If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know that it is all about the sale. Everything we talk about in our Expert Profit Engine methods loops around the point of sale, infinitely. 

When we first talk to eight-figure B2B clients who want more revenue, we ask, “What is stopping you from selling more?” Surprisingly, we often get answers that are actually false beliefs, and today we’re going to touch on three of these false beliefs that eight-figure B2B clients believe are hindering their ability to sell in 2020.

Prefer a video version of this post? We’ve got you covered!If you’re unsure if you’re ready to take the leap and hire an inbound marketing specialist, today’s post is for you!

Myth #1 – We don’t have enough sales people

In other words – we don’t have the resources, and we would be able to knock over more accounts if we had more feet on the ground.

While that might be true, employing is expensive and takes time. Instead, look for hidden gems. In expertise-based businesses, even if you are strapped for salespeople, you might have people right now that could be more actively involved in sales. You might find them on your board or on your marketing team, for example.

Getting more sales people is not really going to help you if you haven’t figured out the basics, so start maximizing the resources that you already have. Involving your employees with your visibility and networking is incredibly important. You know that your competitors will get there first and take your visibility and your space if you’re not making it a priority.

Myth #2  – We’re already doing everything we can

I don’t really believe that, and neither do you. You have hidden gems inside your organization – and inside yourself. 

In our work with clients, we begin by sniffing out underperforming salespeople who might be only sending out one sales email per day.

You need to shift away from this myth and extract more from your people. Use your network more, use your outreach more, and get more people involved.

The second shift you can make is to follow up.  We often see that in-house salespeople are not following up in a methodical way – or even doing it at all. I read a stat the other that 46% of salespeople never follow up. What a waste of time! 

Think about it in terms of bank accounts.  You have a relationship account with a prospect, client, or advocate. The rule of thumb is that you have to make a deposit of seven times for each ask that you make. If you want someone to buy from you, you need to give them seven pieces of value before you get to the sale. We call these debts of value. In our methods, we often talk about the give-ask-thank triangle. 

It’s also important to do better pre-work. Know more about where your prospects are in their head before you talk to them. What kind of buying signals are you getting? (We have a really cool series of videos coming up all about buying signals, so stay tuned!)

Myth #3 – We need a better website or other marketing tools in order to sell

Can I be candid here? Up to a certain point, that’s a lot of tosh. In B2B sales, there is limited value in any website, social media campaign, email campaign, SMS bots, SEO, or anything of that sort.

While these are essential for making initial contacts and for supporting your sales and productivity, you can go a long way and do phenomenal business with a simple landing page, free LinkedIn, and a few other tricks.

In our initial detective work, we often uncover that salespeople simply do not have enough faith in what they’re selling.  In our experience, you can sell anything with elbow grease, asking the right questions, and listening. There’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth!

Simply put, you gotta have faith. Your salespeople need to have faith in themselves. If they don’t, they might need a vitamin kick. They need to be marinating in their own awesomeness. 

To recap – your organization may need a shift. You need to be pulling together better. You can get a lot out of mediocre website and mediocre marketing materials. And you have to be thinking that the road to success is always under construction. You need to be removing hinderances, blocks, and obstacles by understanding what they are.  These are often just false beliefs that can be shifted to more productive beliefs.

You are not as unable to sell as you think. 

Mary-Rose Hoja here.  My team and I help eight-figure B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we are going all in on buying signals and how to act on them. Keep an eye out for more cost-effective tools and approaches in your Expert Profit Engine, coming up in Q1.




Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses