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If There’s Something You’re Resisting, You Have to Do it More




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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, LinkedIn, Sales

We’re in a time where many people are in survival mode.

Some are wrestling with getting customers who buy for too little money. Some are struggling to ensure you can deliver. Maybe you’re feeling very exposed because your customer base is too small.

Would it be a relief to hear that you only need to focus on two things right now?

  1. Visibility
  2. Closing sales

That’s it.

Think about what you can sell; now, in three month’s time, and at the end of August.

You must expand your customer base. You must be seen so that you are ready when you can have face to face meetings again, and use this time to get processes in place so that you don’t have to rely on face to face meetings for much of the sales process going forward. It’s just not necessary. 

Please don’t stop investing in visibility and closing sales. Many of you have not worked with visibility before, especially if you are an introverted company. But navel gazing will not secure stability NOW or position you for closing even more sales and securing jobs NEXT.

Prefer a video version of this post? We’ve got you covered!

You must think that YOU are in charge of the story. And people increasingly want to work with a “good” company. Greedy conglomerates are on a dangerous path. Building your community and giving back to your customers –  these are part of great visibility and a communication strategy that is long-term.

If you have not been capitalising on your knowledge and expertise, now is the time to package that in an online delivery model, such as subscription models and affiliate partnerships. These are fantastic to buffer you and give you online profit centres and revenue streams. 

When your customers are in a clinical trial, that’s when they need things. You need to be better at tracking that. 

When your customers are in a turnaround, that’s when they need someone. You need to know what they’re dealing with.

That’s what relevant visibility is. When you have a process for relevant visibility, you are far better positioned for your customers to come to you immediately – because you are already there, anticipating their needs.

You need to be omnipresent in their eyes. You need to be on their screen consistently, giving value. And right now you have a captive audience because they are all at home. So what are you waiting for? 

You can be visible with existing content, and with what you are doing right now. I guarantee you have a wealth of material right now to be visible in a simple way that will give you massive gains and become recession-proof. Both you personally, and your company. 

One thing the virus has gotten us to do – that no one person has gotten us to do – is change.

When something is lethal, we change.  Change is needed to survive. My clients come to me when they see they need help to survive, or when they can’t go any further on their own.

But change always comes with resistance. It is self-sabotage, and it shows both in themselves, and in their team. My clients come to me when they need help to push and pull them through that resistance. 

If there’s something you are resisting, you have to do it more, as resistance causes inertia. Inertia will make nothing happen. Inertia is not needed now. Inertia will kill you. 

If you are resisting or avoiding something, you need to expose yourself to it in the same way you get over a fear of spiders, testing digital tools, or asking for promotion or equity. You expose yourself to the tiniest, tiniest piece of it. Then see what happens, and how it makes you feel. 

Then you do it again, and add something. See what happens, and how it makes you feel. What you are looking for is what that tiny bit of action produces. 

My article “When you don’t know what to write, just start writing” discussed how action produces secondary action. Check it out for more info on this!

Before we dive into things you can do right now, let’s talk about where this resistance is coming from. Overcoming resistance to do tasks and things that aren’t fun will be nearly impossible if you don’t stay clear about WHY you need to do them.  

If you’re not keeping your vision in front of you constantly, there is a very good chance that you’re also unfocused, overwhelmed, and bouncing between things that don’t matter. Your energy is diffused. You are resisting.

When you discover you are resisting something, take a step back and think. Why should you be doing that? Your “why” is so important to overcome resistance. 

What are some things you might be resisting in marketing and sales?

In Expert Profit Engine world, there are 2 big stages in your marketing and sales process: visibility and sales.

When it comes to visibility, resistance is often felt when producing content. The antidote to this is to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down one thing you did in the last 90 days at work that got you a “thank you”.  If you can, show it to a child.

Do they say, “Wow!”, “Cool!”? I bet they don’t say “Meh”. You just produced emotion. When you evoke that – praise yourself and allow yourself to feel the adrenaline. YOU did that!

When creating content, “perfect” must leave your attitude. You don’t need to write the next great novel! The smartest people write their ideas so they are easily understood.

Start with something simple like a status update where you share someone else’s article and write some framing text to benefit your audience. It really is that easy! Over time, know that a post should not take you more than 15 minutes to write. If it’s taking you longer than that, there are ways around that.

When it comes to sales, often resistance is felt when picking up the phone to call a prospect. Repeat to yourself over and over, “I am capable”. The antidote here is to just do it – even if you’re in the middle of fear. All you need is 20 seconds of courage to push you through the resistance you’re feeling.

Ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that will happen? Will I die if I do this?

Remember – what you focus on expands. What you appreciate, APPRECIATES. 

What do you want MORE of? Appreciate things in that space.

You will always have high days and low days, as success is not linear. When you have low days, stick to your daily routine. That keeps your energy moving. When your daily routine is set up for success over time, you can’t lose by falling back on it. 

You are learning in this moment that this IS the dip. You are stretching and working to make something better. This is what separates those who win and those who don’t. There is not a magic answer – because you are carving your own path. But what we do know is that when you are curious – when you’re open to feedback, that’s when the gold happens. 

So when you feel resistance, you need to move your stuck and frustrated energy to a place where you are interested. When you resist something, the answer is not to throw out everything and start again. We’ve had people who want to discard a whole positioning and pipeline, when all they needed was a tweak on their sales call. The answer is micro tweaks – not huge shifts.

Every single “failure” you make with your market is another thing that separates you and your competitors. It’s wisdom you EARN. Remember to keep your eyes on your long term vision and mission. The “how” will always shift and evolve. 

The more you can detach yourself from expectations, embrace the long term vision of why you are doing this, and stay in curiosity – the more peace and joy this will bring to your psyche. The less you will resist and just do.

A quick idea: 

Tomorrow morning, make a list of the things you “should” do.

Tomorrow end of day, look at your “shoulds” and see what you resisted doing. They will scream out at you.

The next day, look at your “shoulds” again. Sit quietly and think about your big vision. Get that picture clear in your mind. Now, go back to your “shoulds”. Delete the ones that aren’t aligned with your vision. 

Now, pick just one of your “shoulds” that are left. What is the absolute easiest, tiniest thing you can do to move that forward? Do that the following morning. Set your timer for 15 minutes and do it before 11 am. That’s it. 

Would you like to put an end to ineffective marketing and sales? Please share this with your network. They’ll thank you because YOU are useful and informative.

Mary-Rose Hoja here and my team and I help 8-figure B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines.