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Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE

You have a choice.

You’ve built a successful business from scratch by hard work, delivering fantastic projects, trainings, workshops, talks, consulting, and services.

Your clients love you, and you really overdeliver.

You have your own methods and may have a book, show or podcast swirling around in your head. You work on your own growth and development, and you love being in the trenches with your clients.

You have some long-term clients who you have won by networking and hard slog hustle.  You have had a few big corporate projects, and a lot of tiny one-off clients.

You’ve reached a level of success that means you can pay your bills and you are starting to feel established. And you’ve done it because you work freaking hard and you deliver at an amazing level.

If you’ve hit this stage, you’re probably making at least $20K a month and have some momentum in your business. There are two paths in front of you:

  1. Continue what you’ve been doing. Some months are amazing, and some months are a panic of “How am I going to pay my bills”. Stick with what you are doing, living a fair life based on the business you’ve built to date.
  2. Decide to lift the nose on your own plane. Elevate your perception of yourself. Embrace that you are amazing and premium, that you deliver incredibly value – PLUS deep, impactful transformation, AND that you should get paid the worth of that transformation. OWN your value in the market, and close more bigger, long-term, repeat deals with visionary leaders as the trusted strategic advisor hidden inside you, so that you can have even deeper impact on more people.

If you choose option two, I have news for you, my friend!

What has taken you to where you are now is not going to take you where you want to go!

You likely are spending your time checking to see if clients have paid (and whether your bills will get paid), accepting free or less than $1k deals to give talks or workshops, or feeling like you are going crazy and yet can’t take your foot off the gas pedal.

You may think that the problem is that you:

  1. Can’t get in front of the real decision makers and leaders, or
  2. Are constantly having to lower your prices and cross your own lines because prospects nickel and dime you and ask for discounts all the time, or
  3. Have clients with long payment times

But…the real problem is that you’re lacking confidence, clarity and strategy.

Confidence in your own potential to transform and have deep impact at high levels…which means that you don’t dare to imagine what is possible.

Clarity on who you want to be and where your business is at, who you serve, what you can offer at high-impact and high-price points…which means that you are not relevant and visible to the right people…so you’re attracting the wrong people.

Real strategy, systems and processes, programs, and packages…which reflects limiting beliefs that you need to everything yourself, that there is no other way….which means that you don’t have leverage or scalability to truly monetise your expertise and give you what you seek.

The good news is that there is an answer – The Expert Profit Engine Method.

The EPE method is an opportunity for you to work together with a very high-touch business mentor and high-fee sales expert, like myself, who can help you build a solid platform and scale your business past the 6-figure mark.

This is how we do it:

Step 1: Re-Position

First, we marinate in your amazingness! We re-position you.

internally first: we get total clarity on where you are at in your business, the pricing issue, your life – and how it relates to how you view yourself. You identify your high worth and transformative value, elevate your perception of yourself, build your confidence, boldness and daring. We really work a lot on your beliefs about yourself – self-limiting beliefs and how-awesome-am-I beliefs.

We then re-position you externally, as a strategic advisor and trusted partner who is highly visible, relevant, and credible with leaders who actually have budgets and vision to make a difference and succeed.

Step 2: Re-Package

We then re-package your expertise for your “hungry”, high-paying market. We go through strategies to get quick cash in now – because you already have this inside you. At the same time, we develop your consulting, speaking and training to build fast your income and authority.

Step 3: Re-Price

We re-price your expertise for your “hungry”, high-paying market. This is an amazing leap in revenue for many – and it goes fast. Remember, you already have all this expertise inside you – it is simply re-framing and re-packaging. Now armed with your battle gear and event face, we boldly promote you as premium – reflecting your trusted, strategic, high-level status.

Step 4: Re-Promote

We re-vamp your networking, marketing, and self-promotion so that your whole posture around this is lifted – you soar. You get meetings with high-level clients and decision makers. You completely learn how to montetise your value. We have brilliantly simple tools, tried and proven thousands of times to structure and guide every step you take.

Step 5: Sell

And here is where it all pivots into your bank account. You learn the anatomy of a high-fee sales discussion, you get my exact scripts and step-by-step processes before, during and after prospect meetings to get high-paying clients to “buy” you at your ideal price and on your terms. Negotiation strategy and scripts around your price and package, how to approach this, how to follow up, and when.

It’s All About Psychology On Both Sides of the Table

I use and actively evolve my EPE method, which I developed from being just like you – a smart, creative communication and performance expert in an environment that may be corporate-y, skeptical, and technical – which can challenge and even intimidate and push down your ability perform as your true self, and sell and deliver the amazingness you have hidden inside you.

Yet these clients often hold the biggest and most high-paying projects that you would love, and they desperately need your input to stay in business. Overcoming your own self-worth limitations to understand how to wield your gifts as a strength to completely transform the way you charge, the way you work, the whole way you behave in high-paying and corporate situations, can change your life.

The EPE method is very much geared to fast change, quick cash injection, and immediate massive increase in pricing – starting with deals you have on the table – because you have all this expertise already inside you. This is simply tweaking and highlighting what you already know!

You can become the go-to person your dream clients call when they need help!

If you are dedicated to breaking through even more boundaries, and want to stop treading water while running for tiny deals…

learn how to use the EPE method to pivot your pricing and offering with visionary clients with budgets so you can really go deep and scale your business.

I have a free training that shows you exactly how to use this method to build a solid platform to break past 6 figures in the next 12 months.

You’ll discover:

  • How to elevate your perception of yourself and your status to high-paying prospects (so that you can close bigger, better deals)
  • The packaging strategy that will leverage and monetise your expertise (so you can raise your rates with ease, scale your business and make more money ASAP
  • The one question that you are not asking right now that’s actually costing you thousands of dollars each month (and how that answer will pivot your business)

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Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses