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Three Things Missing From Companies Who Don’t Have Commercial Success – Part 1




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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Sales

If your company is struggling and you’re not seeing the growth you desire, there are a number of factors that could be at play.

Today we’re going to talk about the first thing to consider, and that is a lack of sales focus. So what does that mean?

It means that your business is potentially focused more on culture than on real sales. The key here is sustainability. It can’t just be a short-term thing like closing deals all the time. Closing bigger, better deals has to be an absolute focus.

All of the meetings you are having need to be about generating value for the company, and the metric here is revenue. That is a key piece. Generating stakeholder value, closing sales, and actual selling.

This is commerce we’re talking about, not non-profit or charity, and you need to be generating revenue.

It’s also vital to remember the importance of your time. People measure so much in terms of revenue and money, but in my world, time is the only thing we can’t make any more of. It is an absolutely finite resource. You need to make sure that you’re using every second to generate what you want.

In terms of sales focus, this means that you have a very clear idea of who you’re meeting, why you’re meeting, what their pain points likely are, what you can potentially do to help them, and what the next step is that you want on their calendar. This is really critical.  

Before setting meetings, you need to make sure that you have a qualifying process in place to make sure you are talking to the correct level of people.  A very clear idea of your avatar or ideal client is necessary to make the most of these meetings.

In Expert Profit Engine world, there are two kinds of people – prospects and influencers. Prospects are people who may buy from you. They can be past or existing clients, or new business that have not yet bought from you.

While influencers may also be past or existing clients, they also include those that may not have bought from you, but have bought into you. They are a source of referrals and energy, and can be mentors who inspire you.

If you treat the clients who have bought from you like they are no longer of interest in the sales process, you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to be thinking in terms of after-sales and customer lifetime value, otherwise you’re constantly needing to find new clients and your customer lifetime value will be very short – one deal. And that’s not what we want to be doing. We want to be maximizing every single deal that we close, and every single meeting that we get.

If someone isn’t going to be buying from you, you still want to make sure that you are always providing value for them so that even if they never become a customer, the experience they had with you was extremely positive and helpful for them.  It could be at the personal-professional interface, where you’ve established common ground, and started a relationship in some kind of positive way. That can be you sharing a favourite wine, a favourite food, a common interest in a sport, art, or some other cultural piece that is not directly linked to the business. We’re looking long-term, because that’s a key piece of commercial success.

Keeping your focus on sales really is a key to commercial success. Make sure you’re generating sales and closing deals, and keep your time focused on that.  You don’t want to be using your time tweaking products, or deliberating over the colour of a button on your website. That only gives short-term satisfaction energy, and from a commercial success prospective, that’s negative energy.  

You really need to consider – is this going to sink or swim a deal? You must not be navel-gazing – you need to lift the nose on your own plane and really be looking to bring yourself to a higher level.

If this all resonates with you, we have more key points to consider over in our guide at expertprofitengine.com. Download it and let’s add in these missing ingredients to drive your Expert Profit Engine.