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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, LinkedIn, Networking strategy

What better way to start 2020 than with a LinkedIn refresh?

People always ask me what they can do to beef up their LinkedIn profile, so here are three things, in order of importance and impact.

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  1. Headline

If you’re only going to change one thing, have it be your headline. It’s what everyone sees, and it’s the first thing I look at when visiting someone’s profile.

You can include keywords, your email address, your last great feature, interview, article, book, or speech. Or, you can make it into a sentence with part of or all of the following four things: 

Who are you?

People need to call you something. Even if you don’t want to pigeon-hole yourself, you have to in this aspect, as it makes you much easier to find in search.

Imagine this conversation over coffee: “We have no leads coming in and our competitors are really stealing our ground”. “You need to call Mary-Rose Hoja”. “Who is she? “She’s an excellent inbound marketing specialist”.

What do you remember from what you just read? They will remember your name, and that it is attached to their problem and a concrete label for a solution to that problem.

Who do you help? 

For example, we help eight-figure B2B businesses. Remember, it’s your number one target that you want to identify here. You’re not excluding other clients and customers, but you are mainly for one specific type of customer. The outer bands of the bullseye will come anyway, so don’t be afraid to niche down. The riches are in the niches!

How do you help them?

This is your signature process, tagline, or your mantra. What do they get, what do they have, what do they be after your input? 

Proof of what you say.

Awards, media pieces, interviews, talks, features, articles. These are actually really, really important because what others say about you is much more compelling than what you say about yourself.

2. The summary

The second thing to change on your LinkedIn profile is your summary. It’s called “about” on LinkedIn. Either in your headline or summary, you should have those four things we just discussed.  In the summary, you can also add your specialties and how you can be contacted, because LinkedIn likes to hide your contact info.

3. How to post

The third thing is to look at how to post. The content you create, frequency, and timing are all key pieces here.

How you tackle this depends on the kind of leads they are. Know that there are three different kinds of leads, depending on how close to awareness of their problem they are, awareness of you as a solution, and how urgent and how close to the buy they are. If you’re doing your job correctly, you will be doing different things to be receptive to each type of lead. 

LinkedIn is such a great place to start growing your network, and those are the top three things to consider as you improve your LinkedIn profile for the new year.  We have literally seen thousands of LinkedIn profiles and company pages. We have courses built around this, and know that starting off this year with a LinkedIn refresh can pay huge dividends for your business.

If you would like feedback on your LinkedIn company page or your own profile, put an emoji in the comments below and we will reach out!

My name is Mary-Rose Hoja, and my team and I help eight-figure B2B business build cost effective sales pipelines.