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What the Expert Profit Engine Method is All About



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses

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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, Uncategorized

Over the past few weeks, I have been talking a lot with business owners.

Some are CEOs that want a stake in their company, and some want a bigger stake in their company. Some are ambitious executives who are in a succession situation, with partner boards or investor groups who have underselling subsidiaries. Some have companies that have just emerged from a turnaround and/or have series sales targets.

The thing that a lot of people are asking is what Expert Profit Engine is all about, so that’s what I’d like to talk about today – how Expert Profite Engine and the methodology behind it can help all of these kinds of people.

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Some of these companies have serious sales targets, and others are struggling with star salespeople that are underperforming. In conversations with these clients, where the problem lies is often quite clear.

I see some common struggles, including:

  • Too few meetings
  • Wrong level meetings
  • They’ve exhausted their network
  • Struggling to get out of their comfort zone
  • Overthinking
  • Waiting for the perfect deal rather than closing something that will make a big difference to their clients (and at the same time seeding a bigger deal) .

To be honest, this comes down to two main issues.

The very first thing is to have an absolute commitment to growth and to closing bigger, better deals.

If your salespeople or your sales targets were great, and now they’re not,  you really need to know – are you in or out? It has to be like that.

At higher levels, you are playing with A players.  A players wants to play with other A players, and so you need to be one. If you are not seeing a turnaround or traction after about five months, look, it’s really a case of is the person willing to say and work, or is it time to leave?  It does come down to that commitment.

The second thing it boils down to is contacts and relationships. If things are not awesome, the very first thing that I look at is what else is happening – private, personal, and professional. The number one question in sales and high-fee sales is, “What else is going on?” You ask that for your clients, and you need to look at that internally if things are not going great.

In Expert Profit Engine, we use what I call an illumination or lighthouse method of selling. This means that we take a very pragmatic and psychological approach to clients. It’s about helping them and really seeing what is going on in the big picture.

It’s not about needing a website, a sales program or a course. It’s really starting with what is working well right now. We also look at what was working, what isn’t working right now, and the big picture. You need to be turning the illumination and lighthouse method within Expert Profit Engine on yourself, your company, and your business.

My absolute conviction is that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. If you are spending a lot of time with people who are not stretching themselves, or who are oppressing you or your ability to stretch yourself or perform, it’s going to be very difficult for you to stretch yourself. It will be a challenge to get in with the upper level business contacts and players, the board folk, the investor groups, and other people who’ve been in this game a long time.

And this is a game, make no mistake about this!  You need to be a player, in or out, and be strategic about this. Go big or go home – you have to have that mindset. You need to be building a relevant pipeline around this in order to get those sales contacts, otherwise you’re going to be exhausting your network.  

In the Expert Profit Engine world, it’s not just about building a digital pipeline. You need to be building an integrated hybrid analog digital funnel. What does that mean? It means systems and processes for what is already proven to work for key opinion leaders and senior levels, and for getting in front of and closing deals with people at that level.

The Expert Profit Engine method uses a psychological, pragmatic approach to reposition, repackage, and revamp your visibility and credibility with leaders who have budgets and vision.

Let’s go through how it works – it is very systematic and step-by-step.

Step One: Reposition

We do this internally first. We marinate in your own amazingness, because you have to have absolute conviction of your own ability to provide amazing help. You must have this inside of you before you can get somebody else to look at you in that way, especially the upper levels who tend to be a bit more skeptical ( they’ve been in this game a long time). So we really work on your mindset, your confidence, and your boldness. We elevate your perception of yourself, your business, and your products in relation to senior levels and senior big problems.

We then reposition you externally as a strategic advisor and a trusted partner who is highly visible, relevant, and credible with leaders who actually have budgets and vision to make a difference, impact, and to succeed.

Step Two: Repackage

We repackage your expertise, your offer, and how you approach and frame what you are selling.

The pricing issue is huge, pivotal, and absolutely solvable. Closing bigger, better deals does not mean underselling.  It means closing a win-win-win deal that will get your customers fantastic results. It means a win for you, a win for your client, and win for the greater community.  An awesome win-win-win deal will get your customers fantastic results, and seed an even bigger, better deal.

Step Three: Reprice

I love the model where if the customer says, “This costs too much”, then you ask them, “Which part would you like to take away?”  This is so strategic. It’s not about underselling, so this is also why it’s so important to sell packages, programs, and outcomes, and not hours, pieces, and point solutions. You need to think bigger. Always be thinking bigger.

Step Four: Sell

Here is where it all pivots into your bank account. You learn the anatomy of a high-fee sales discussion. You get exact scripts and step-by-step processes for before, during, and after prospect meetings to get high-paying clients to buy you at your ideal price, and on your terms.  Remember, it’s your house, your rules – the “Doctor is in” mentality.

Scripts are the number one thing I am asked for, and they are invaluable. You literally follow our Expert Profit Engine sales call formula, which is an extremely structured approach to marketing and sales. It includes negotiation strategy and scripts around your price, your package,and how best to approach this. Also – how to follow up and when to follow up. Scripts are fantastic.

I very much believe in digging in where you stand. We start with what is already working. We understand the point of sale, and then you reverse-engineer the sales funnel leading to that point. You need to understand the fire in the eyes, the drop-off points, and the zone-out points in the eyes. We look at how they found you, and look then the after sales part which is the opposite of the sales hourglass. In my world, it’s not really a funnel, it’s an hourglass.

Expert Profit Engine is a very elegant, sophisticated process that is built to automate and scale.

Step Five: Promote

We work on your visibility and building your funnel and pipeline. To reach senior people, this means implementing a hybrid, pragmatic, integrated approach using both analog and digital methods. Especially if you have exhausted your network and you need to build a cold audience in a new market, you need to be building awareness of you and your personal brand. We are seeing this is one of the primary channels and entry points moving into 2020.

Also integral is building awareness about your packages, your programs, your services, and your company, and LinkedIn remains a central platform for this because it is a serious platform to senior levels – even if they’ve never heard of you or they’re not really active on the socials.

If all of what I’ve covered resonates with you and you’d like to know more about this (including two key ingredients of this sophisticated Expert Profit Engine), head over to expertprofitengine.com and download our free guide.



Simple, Cost-Effective Approaches for 8-Figure B2B Businesses