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You Don’t Need Face-to-Face Meetings to Close Big Deals




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by Mary-Rose Hoja in EPE, LinkedIn, Sales

As we’ve been suddenly thrust into a world of remote work, I have heard from so many people that they feel their ability to close deals is on hold until they can again meet with prospects in person.

This is simply not the case. You don’t need face-to-face meetings to close big deals.

Traditional clients are often used to meeting and closing face-to-face. In my experience, big prospects will assume you will meet in person, and they often will want you to come in and pitch with a presentation “just to get a feel for each other”. 

You don’t have time for that – and neither should they. 

I close big deals via Zoom or by phone, with large clients on 4 continents, and I know that you can, too.

Prefer a video version of this post? We’ve got you covered!

Wouldn’t you love to have fewer meetings?

The number one reason is time. It is your most precious resource!  You don’t need face-to-face meetings to close big deals if you have:

  1. A pipeline with a process for consistent visibility

With the Expert Profit Engine visibility process as part of your inbound marketing pipeline, it means that you only get on the phone with people who know you, are aware they have a problem, and that you may be the solution. 

And for the right deal, they will have their credit card in their hand by the time you get on the phone. 

This is what we do for our clients: we build a sales pipeline and process using the elegance and simplicity of digital tools to cut down on face-to-face sales meetings. 

Some of my favourite tools include:

  • Sms, LinkedIn message and email for initial talks.
  • Google Calendar to send TBC invites. [possibly the most effective tool of all for selling to C-suite, executives and board-levels]
  • Calendly to reschedule
  • Typeform to focus the first meeting and maximise time
  • Zoom to hold the meeting.
  • HelloSign to sign the contract
  • Payment gateways – Stripe and Paypal to get the money. Upfront. Also auto-payments for retainer and subscription models! 

To close deals full stop without needing to do cold calling you need to have what we call inbound marketing. And that means being visible with some kind of content.

But first, for your visibility to be relevant to VIPs for big deals, we first help you understand your high worth and transformative value. 

We build your confidence, credibility and authority to be visible. And because many of our clients are not comfortable losing control, or with being visible, we help you marinate in your own amazingness.

This visibility develops your “trusted advisor” status and promotes your expertise at the front line for your hungry market, so that you get meetings with high-level clients & decision makers


2. Confidence and a psychological approach


If you don’t want to need face-to-face meetings to close, you need to remember this big mantra: Your house, your rules. 

If you decide you don’t need it, you don’t need it. That’s not the way you do business. 

You’re allowed to stand your ground. In Expert Profit Engine, our method for visibility and closing sales, we have scripts that we give you as our client to use to turn a face-to-face meeting into a video or phone meeting. 


3. A million-dollar sales call formula


This leads me to the sexy part of the process. The close! 

I promised you I would tell you my exact process to close big deals without face-to-face meetings, and we call it The Expert Profit Engine Sales Call Formula. We take people through a 5-step process to close. 

Again, even if your prospects are used to physical meetings – especially early on in the sales process – it is your house, your rules. One of our most popular scripts our clients love is where you say, “We’ll meet in Zoom – then we can share screens and go through so much more.”

You just have to do it.  I have done it, and I am only one person. I have had Global HQ for big pharma look at the projects and books and say – we thought this was a massive company. 

You are as big as you think you are. I do it. You can do it too.

Look at how the digital piece has levelled the playing field for minorities and people who were hidden gems. 

In our digital business world, we hop on meetings for a couple of seconds just to confirm something. In and out.  It’s really fun, and so much more effective. 

Now I am not suggesting replacing physical meetings altogether. But I am saying that we do not need so many. [Disclaimer: I am about to be candid. Stop reading now if you don’t want my candor.] In Sweden we have a ridiculous number of meetings because everyone’s opinion is given space. But face-to-face meetings, and so many meetings in general, are not always necessary to close sales.

That is why when you have relevant visibility to the correct people, and you understand your sales processes, you don’t need any random meetings. Ever.

To recap, you do not need F2F meetings to close big deals if you have: 

  1. A pipeline with a process for consistent visibility
  2. Confidence and a psychological approach
  3. A sales call formula

Expert Profit Engine gives you all this. Life is too short for random meetings.

Mary-Rose Hoja here and my team and I help 8-figure B2B businesses build cost-effective sales pipelines.